Who We Are

We are Vicini Homes; a creative and dedicated group of people who are passionate about community, quality of life and real estate.
Vicini means neighbour in Italian, and we believe in being a good neighbour. Like any good neighbour, we care about contributing to our community in a positive way.

A  Vicini home means a quality home where you can live your life, both inside and out. It’s a home that is a strong investment for both your life today and for your future; one that is thoughtfully designed to maximize livability for you and your family.

We build in urban locations so that your neighbourhood is an extension of your home and your commute leaves time to enjoy what matters to you.

We are proud to be part of the Conwest Group – a local developer with over 30 years of experience. The Conwest Group centers around a foundation of strong business relationships, excellence in customer experience, delivering high product quality and an experienced and passionate team of people.


To us, urban living is finding that perfect balance. Your own balance. One that considers the important things, like:

  • Neighbourhood and schools
  • Parks and green space
  • Shopping and restaurants
  • Bike lanes, transit and commuting
  • Culture and diversity
  • Friends and family

Together, this makes up your home. What is your urban balance?